Fuck it, I just want to express myselfThis is not a work of poetry

For show of depth or posterity

So, no need for empathy, word play and oxymoron

I just want to express myself

Where my situation is the inspiration and echoing voice to this psalm

         Why am I here?

On this planet, in this generation, in this country with my folks

It is only logical that the forces behind my existence ha[d]ve a purpose for me made provisions for me

 I am struggling to figure this out by myself

But trial and error takes a while

And I exist in a time that the older I become,

The more purposeful younger ones are

From a time of the Gomez and Justin to the Ashad and the Ivy blue


But Chill and watch the throne, my only option

It would happen eventually and grand… eventually

They don’t know that minutes are days for a broken broke girl and day – millennium

Opportunities don’t come knocking, it flies by

 Why is my path to glory along road of perdition?

On this forced journey without bearing

And there is no room for me in the realm of inexistence

And death is a compounded woe  

 Distracting myself, I go on a rendezvous

Egg plants filling up every bodily hole I have

Only if it could fill the void in my heart

 I write this with two heartbeats

From my heart and womb

Misery loves company and I have dragged someone in this journey

But escape redemption exist for my other heartbeat

Unburdened death and Unexistence

 I figure out the bearing of the land in 270 days

Something I failed to do in 9131 days

Guess miracles are made for this

I charge on fearless but not oblivious to my reality  

 Goodnight Baby

Written by Ayoade Owolola 


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