Wasted love, perhaps? 

“You deserve better”

“Gurl, he don’t love you”

“Why do you keep trying?”

It’s easy to think the person you love has the same interests as you, and when love blinds you so much that you can’t see how much he is hurting you? It becomes a big problem.

You complain and complain and just pray it gets better.

“Babe please bear with me, everything will change, I promise”

“I know I’m the most horrible boyfriend ever but I love you”

“I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, don’t leave me”

You listen and you listen. You stay and work and just continue the mediocrity that is called your relationship.

You’ve chased away so many potential guys just because you love this person. And all you get still, are excuses. Not that you’re asking for much though. Just love and attention.

You imagine how much you’ve missed out on happiness.

How every Valentine’s Day is forced to be just another day, just because he doesn’t “do stuff like that”.

How even on your two year anniversary all you’re wishing for is at least a reply to your “happy anniversary” text.

How everyday goes by and you wonder how you’ve managed to make it to this point.

At what point do you say enough is enough?   At what point do you say “I deserve better!”?

Do you just settle? After all, he says he loves me.

“I think he will change”

3 years later, it’s still the same thought. He will change.

Do you not know that a man will only change when he wants to? And if he hasn’t done so by now, he will never??!

I have thought and thought about how it would feel to love someone, but it all goes to waste. To try and try and do every thing possible to hold the relationship together but nothing ever works.

May we not love, and love in vain.


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